John Marion Lacy's Family

My Great-Grandfather

This photo had to be taken sometime before 1897 because that was when my great-grandmother, Jane E. Brannon Lacy, died. It was taken in front of the house where my father, Johnnie Burns Lacy grew up in Cherokee County Georgia, in the Hickory Flat community, a few miles east of Canton, Georgia. The house remained standing until the 1960's when it burned. One of my father's older brothers, Preston C. Thaxton Lacy was living there at that time, and when the house burned, he and his wife rebuilt on the site. My aunt, Louise Pruit Lacy still lives there. In the front row are, seated from left to right: Jane E. Brannon Lacy, my great-grandmother, and John Marion Lacy, my great-grandfather. John and Jane's children on the back row are, standing from left to right: James Walter Lacy, Jasper Hezekiah Lacy, John Columbus Lacy, William Andrew Lacy, Lucinda Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lacy, Melissa Elan Lacy, and (my grandfather) Thomas Alonzo (Lonnie) Lacy. However no one remembers the dog's name. Most of the text in this paragraph was "stolen" from my brother, Grady Lacy's Web pages.

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J. M. Lacy's second wife

This picture also has my great grandfather. Sitting is Ida Jane Hayley, my step great grandmother, and John Marion Lacy, my great grandfather. Ida was his second wife. Standing is Jonah Obedia Brand and his wife Lucinda Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lacy, Lizzie is also in the top picture. She is my grand aunt.

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