Lacy Family in 1996

My Father's Family

Lacy Picture from 1996

This is a picture of my parent's family. It was taken June 9, 1996, at my parents during a family gathering, of their descendants. Everyone but my nephew Lonnie Lacy II (son of my brother Grady), was there. Lonnie is named after his grandfather Thomas Alonzo Lacy.

The first row is: Marilois Hitch Owens, (wife of my nephew Charlie Smith), Anne Barker (wife of my brother Grady), my brother Grady Lacy, my daughter Jennifer lacy , my nephew Richard Kim Lacy (son of my brother Troy), my mother Hester Smith, Lois Williams (wife of my brother Johnnie).

The second row is: my nephew Charlie Smith (son of Anne), my son Robert Lacy, my wife June Clayton, myself Allen Lacy, my father Johnnie Lacy, my brother, Johnnie Lacy Jr, my nephew Ricky Lacy (son of my brother Johnnie), Sunye Kim (wife of my brother Troy), my brother Troy Lacy. Return to Home Page.


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