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I became interested in genealogy when my half first cousin once removed, William "Marion" Lacey brought his genealogy notes to the 1992 Lacy Reunion, held on Sep 14. This reunion is of the descendants of my 2nd great-grandfather, William Davis Lacy. It was started in 1924 or 1925 by my granduncle, James Walter Lacy, and Green Berry Forrest who is the Husband of my half great-grandaunt Avarilla Lacy. The earliest ancestor that Marion had found was John Lacy who was born in Virginia in 1794, and is my 3rd great-grandfather.

I purchased Banner Blue Software's Family Tree Maker and entered all the information. I start my own search for John's ancestors, but had no better luck than Marion. In early 1995, I got access to the Internet and expanded the search to include it. But while I found information about several John Lacy/Lacey's but there never was enough to prove it was my ancestor.

One of the web sites I found was the Lacy Family Homepage. But there was no clear linkage to my branch of the family. But there was notice of a new book being published. It was to be about the descendants of a William Lacy and Elliott Lacy of Virginia. It is co-authored by the late Hubert Westley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey. I ordered it with little hope of a connection to my family, but mainly in the belief the reading about the history of how people living in early Virginia would be interesting in own right. Plus they were most likely related to me even if the connection was unknown.

The book arrived on 17-Jul-96, of course the first thing I did was look up John Lacy, just in case. I found an entry which had the right birth date and indicated that he was married to a Anna Davis. I knew that my ancestor was married to an Anna. So I wrote Elton Lacey, to see if he had any more information. He sent me mail telling me when the book went to the publisher he did not have the names of John's children. But that he now had them and sent them to me. The children matched. Therefore I am confident that the "two" John's are the same person. I now have a family tree that goes back to my 7th great-grandfather, Thomas Lacy.

I wish to thank Elton Lacey for his help, and for giving his gracious permission to include information from his book in my pages. Look in the Notes sections of Thomas Lacy, Thomas Lacy II, William Lacy, and Noah Lacy.

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