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The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.


The "Surname Springboard" was begun by Karen of "Karen's Genealogy Sources". Then it was maintained by Steve Lacy as part of the "Genealogy Gateway(TM) To The Web". On May 17, 1997, Allen Lacy of "Allen Lacy's Genealogy Page", took over the Surname Springboard. We will try to maintain the high standards established by Karen and Steve.
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As of Jan 23, 2002 this Springboard consists of 2862 links to pages. It is broken into 58 pages with a maximum of 50 links per page. These pages have information on 14544 different surnames. You can access it by looking at each page.
   For easy access to the 14544 surnames, you can take advantage of the alphabetic "Surname Index." The index is hyper-linked to these pages for quick access to each surname. You need to be aware that the surnames in the index are the primary surnames, most page will have information on other surnames as well.
   There also is a "Soundex Index" where you can find surnames with the same soundex. Surnames with same soundex are suppose to sound the same. If you know soundex of the surnames you are interested in then you can directly use the index. If you do not then use the "Surname Index" go to the surname you are interested in and the soundex code is in the column beside the surname. You can click on soundex number and it will go to the Soundex Index show you all surnames in the Springboard with the same soundex.

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1 100 Yrs of the Brown Family in America Brown, Roof, Schooley, Tunison, Lundy, Bentley, Vreeland, Jones, Peacock, MacDonald
2 3 Cotuit Families in Barnstable, MA Childs, Crocker, Cammett, Goodspeed, Sturges, Tallman
3 3 Irish Families in Saugerties, Ulster Co., NY Murphy, Burke, Hoben
4 A 350 year history of Richardson in Scotland Richardson, Shand, Kynoch, Scott, Hirschfelt, Mckerrell, Bruce, McKerrel
5 A & A's Web Site Steele, Steel, Trowbridge, Sams, Samms, Leebrick, Lebrick, Liebrich, Moore, Holland, Williams
6 Aaron Goodwin & Descendants Goodwin
7 The Aaron Shaw Family Homepage Shaw, Tucker, Teeters
8 Abercrombie/Jacobs Families Abercrombie, Jacobs, Fortner, Bryant, Boatman, Foster, Camp, Booth, Patterson, Dunn
9 Abram Sailors's Descendants Sailor/Sailors
10 Ackehurst Family Page Ackehurst/Akhurst/Akehurst
11 Acker Family - A Legacy of Survival Acker, Mattison, Ivestor, Hagood
12 Acy McGehee Family Home Page McGehee, Parks/Parkes, Wilson, Womack, Boswell, Morris/Morriss, New
13 Adair and Holland Families Genealogy Homepage Adair, Holland
14 Adam Tice's genealogy site Tice, Walton, Swartzentruber, Brenneman, Kinsinger, Bender, Yoder, Beachy, Buckman, Van Antwerp/Van Antwerpen, La Bar/La Barre
15 Adams and Whitney Homepage Adams, Whitney
16 Adams Web Adams, Irby, Fuqua, Matthews, Hunter, Warneford, McClain, Fox
17 The Adams, Pillow, Campbell Home Page Pillow, Husketh, Slayton, Slayden, Slaton, Sladden, Huskett, Adams, Miner, Embling, Sprague, Huskey, Pillows
18 Adler, Eisner families Adler, Eisner, Furth, Fuerth
19 Adrian Eddy's Home Page Eddy, Thomas, Nicholls, Pawlyn, Olds, Oats, Chirgwin, Daniel, Ellis, Grenfell, Hall, Murrish, Michell, Stevens
20 Aggiejen Aggett, Christian, Boehm, Allen, Heaysman, Parkinson
21 Ahnenforschung Schnell, Balke, Redeker, Horstmann, Rommel, Koller, Wagner, Briele, Schenk, Reuel
22 Al & Sue's Genealogy Home Page Porter, Thompson, Gilman, Kaplan, Baner, Levin, Slimmer, Corson
23 ALABAMA MCCARLEYS McCarley, Chandler, Snoddy, Grisham, White, Slaton
24 Alan Goulet's Genealogy Goulet/Goullet, Scott, Bauer, Huddleston
25 Alan Thatcher's Family History Home Page Thatcher, Byfield/Bifield, Dietman/Dietmann, Few, Gard, Ham, Hobbs, Howey, Martin, Paul, Pilbrow, Sadler, Stagg, Triplow, Wyles, Westnutt
26 Alan's Genealogy Carter, Stillwagon, Stellwagon, Branson, Fisher, Blackburn, Swarner
27 Albers Genealogy Albers
28 The Albert Family Tree Albert/Aulbert/Elbert, Shepler/Sheplar, Schreck/Schrack, Hockenberry, Fair/Fehr, Litzenberg, Millard, Mickley/Muckli, Dunn, Patterson, Beighley, Henshaw, Ralston, Fierer, Best, Rider
29 Aldo Valerio's Genealogy Home Page Valerio, Pontiero, Coia, Fraioli, Marcuccilli, Di meo
30 Alexander Marshall and Descendants Marshall, Worsham, Ligon, Scales, Ross, Sewell, Thompson, Wells, Schlehuber, MCCain, Stevenson, Whitlow, Walthall, Vincent, Parham, Ingram
31 Alford Family of West Virginia Alford, Escue, Byrnside, Meadows, Coon, Adams, Pauley, McClure, Smith, Chandler
32 Alfra's website Goense, Hoff
33 Alice Ament Davidson Gedge Davidson, Cox, Ament, Ruff, Gwathmey, Tayloe, Langhorne, Potter, Hodgkin, Haughton, Smith, Borden, Elliot, Convis, Bunnell, Baker
34 ALICE'S FAMILY TREE Vaught, Yerton, Moore, Haynes/Hanes, Smith, Boatman, McGee, Green, Haymes, Doggett
35 Alkire Family Homepage Alkire, Hornbeck/Hornback, Lane, Powell, Darst, Halstead, Phebus, Butcher, Denton, Hurst, Blane
36 All In Good Time Arnold, Marshall, Broadhurst, McCoy, Cook, Cowan, Hockensmith/Hockersmith, Faubion
37 All Our Ancestors Cassity, Cassidy, Harrison, Harbaugh, Sheely, Dick, Muncy, Lykins
38 ALL SHERRY'S SURNAMES Peek/Peak, Drennan, Perkins, Landers, Mayes, Branch, Moffitt/moffett, Paulson, Chastain, Gudmundsen/goodmanson, Hightower, Godfrey, Mann, Farmer, Harvill, Fry/frey
39 Allen Family History Allen, Tucker, Minick/Minnick, Cowell, Skocz, Harding
40 Allen Lacy's Genealogy Page Abernathy, Cain, Clayton, Lacey/Lacy, Mason, Smith
41 Allen Perry Family Heritage Perry, VanBenschoten, Potts, Gauer, Branyan, McKenna-Perry
42 Allen Wilson Family Wilson, Funk, Corlett, Fry, Vincent, Patchen/Patching, Fuqua, Siddens, Wright, Underhill, Stobaugh, Smith, Small, Lipp, Grimmit, Foster
43 Allred Family Roster Allred
44 Alm Surname List Alm, Rupertus, Springer, Van Heel, Callan, Exner, Bitonti, Gouchey, Hutchinson, Janzen
45 Alta Family Tree English Version Alta
46 Altenburg Home Page Altenburg, Brown, Martin, Vedder, Nessel, Churchill
47 Amanda's Geneology Page Feather, Holt, Pence, Cooper, Wortham, Watson, Copelin/Copeland/Coplin, Branch, Britt, Davenport, Reddy, Crosby, Harshaw, Hartsell, Capps, Whisenant
48 American Jacobs Line Jacobs, Sargeant, Sargent, Wilkins, Bennett, Cross, Witham, McFetridge, Knowlton
49 Amy's Genealogy Page Arola, Caplette, Cyr, Fournier, Gustafson, Michael/Micheel, Perry, Paschke, Stein, Wiisanen, Castren/Kastreen/Kurkinen, Dionne/Guyon, Hebert, Bourgeois, Bellefleur, Martin
50 Amyot- Villeneuve Amyot, Amyotte, Amiot, Lamyotte, Lincourt, Amyot dit Villeneuve, Boccage, Beaudoin, Lusignan, La Piničre, Paillier, Arguničre

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