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This is page 34 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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1651 Linda's Genealogy Spot! Baker, Bardon, Beckford, Borden, Gloer, Gerken, Jewel, Brooks, Perry, Gerken, Sauberan, Hacker, Dussing, Bolton, Paulsen, Van Tassell
1652 Lindsey Family Tree Lindsey, Browning, Saling, Elmore, Lafferty, Over, McConnell, Henshaw, Eyler, Seltzer, Poyner
1653 The Linkes / Linkous family History Homepage Linkous/Linkes/Lincas, Housewright, Hicks/Hix, Stallard, Wollard/Woolard, Beard/Baird, Shiflet, Trolinger, Stanger, Kipps, Shell, Rader, Allen, Reeder, Wagner, Pritchard
1654 Links to Ancestors of Steven Page Page, Bennett, Hobbs, Denio, Miner, Wolfe, Thompson, Faircloth
1655 The Link~Letter Gardner, Fenton, Aldrich, Wetzel, Dunlap, Courson, Spaur, Wetzel
1656 Lippincott Lineages Lippincott, Luffingcot, Lovecoat, Lupencut, Lippencot
1657 Lipskey's genealogy page Lipski, Lipsky, Lipskie, Lipskey, Hodel, Brill, Treitz, Ferdinand
1658 Lisa's Corner Acker, Winter, Wetzel, Hellmann, Hand, Kupper, Seelinger, Leingang, Wolff, Floss, Dudenhofer, Hand, Hengen, Schuierer, Hemmerle, Kunz
1659 Lisa's Genealogy Pages Waller, See, Shea, Fitzsimmons, Maguire, Smith, Brown, Warren, Pesce, Iwanciwski, Kelley, Riordan, Doran, Hall, Jones, Maynard
1660 Lisa's Genealogy Page Whiting, McDonald, Shuey, Schmidt, Derland, Robbins, Griffith, Mitchell, Mulhollan, Maddox, Freeman, Sidner, Willis, Black, Terrill, Harpst
1661 Lisa's Special Geneaology Page Watts, Whisenhunt/Visinand, Reich/Rich, Hawkins, Craft, Yarbrough, White, Haning, Collins, Chisolm, Boone, Keys, Clark, McCarty, McQuinn
1662 Lisa's Web Pages Blackwell, Elrod, Ellison, Musick, Knox
1663 Lisle, Mayo Family Page Lisle, Mayo, Beardsley, Hamilton, Ferguson, Holland, Stallings, Jared, Hughes, Hackelman, Paasch, Atterberry, Dickinson, Dudley, Fulgham, Edwards
1664 The Little Family Site Kalmykov, Lukashov, Neverov, Horckevich, Antonevich, Kuzmichev, Kovalsky, Bessonov, Berg, Shahmin, Shalyt, Shestackov, Konstantiniv, Lukin, Tihomirov, Ivanov
1665 The Little Family Site Kalmykov, Lukashov, Neverov, Horckevich, Antonevich, Kuzmichev, Kovalsky, Bessonov, Berg, Shahmin, Shalyt, Shestackov, Konstantiniv, Lukin, Tihomirov, Ivanov
1666 The Little Legend Little, Ross, Liles, Moore, Presson, Brewer, Coburn
1667 Little Rlee's Genealogy Page Robbins, Tyrell, Gregory, Hayes, Howard, Mangini, Carpenter, Conley, Spencer
1668 Littlewolfs native American Site Johns, Branham, Hamilton, Evans, Griffith, Eanes, Anderson, Redcross, Worsham, Terry, Dawson, Dishmond, Moss, Lea, Daniels, Duff
1669 Loewenheim, Wangenheim, Dewitz Loewenheim, Wangenheim, Dewitz, Herz, Krohn, Jaruslawsky, Loewe, Auerbach
1670 Loewenheim, Wangenheim, Dewitz Loewenheim, Lowenheim, Wangenheim, Dewitz, Herz, Krohn, Loewe, Jaruslawsky, Auerbach
1671 Lofty family tree Lofty, Clark, Fish, Thraxton, Harvey, Bloom, Christmas, Hall, Cross, Bale, Bailey, Carr, Todd, Perloe, Aves, Wright
1672 The Longworth/Longwith and Related Famlies Page Longwith, Longworth, Corley, Leach, Cottrell, Yates
1673 Loni's Genealogy Adams, Andrews, Andrus/Anddruss/Andrews, Berstler, Browne/Browne, Caley/Cely/Craley/Caly, Campbell, Kaylor, Kendall, Knight, Lesher, McClellan, Morton, Paulus
1674 Lord Family History Page Lord, Sprague, Hall, Schnurrer, Forstmaier, Higgins, Houle
1675 Lori's Family Home Page O'Shea/Shea, Delisle, Roberts, Stracener, Lansdale, Petty, Groves, Williams, Rutledge, Jones
1676 Lori's Family Tree Grantham, Benson, Buttery, Krueger, Kingslien, Sprinkle
1677 Lori's Genealogy Home Page Penrose, Swiss, Carnahan, Cline, Braughler, Huff, Donahue, Beer, Fritzgerald, Shopar, Mcgranahan, Kostelec, Shannon, Solenberger, Zerfoos, Deardorf
1678 Lost In Mississippi Homepage Parker, MacKinnon, Davis, Herrington, Malone, Williams, Brown, Thayer
1679 lostdove Aven, Gooch, Ray, Lemons, Shields, Little, Welch, Waddell, Ramsey, Tankersley, Blackburn, Bell, Kirtley, Greer, Turpin, Woods
1680 ~ Lott's of West Virginia ~ Lott, Small, Smith, Pierce, Propst, Allen, Emrick, Dakin, Lockhart, Amos, Provance, Pugh, Wiseman, Ryan, Buckley, Naylor
1681 Louis Ward's Home Page Barnaman, Dauphin, Kelly, Stoliker, Stubbs, Ward
1682 Louise Perkins Home Page Arritt/Erret, Crum, Terry, Mosely/Mosley, Armentrout, Collins, Horn, Honaker, Hobbs, Sams, Green, Lawrence, Wolfe/Wolf, Wright, Coats, Wiseman
1683 Louise's Genealogy Johns, Morehouse, Wilcox, Strong, Stull, Scudder, Spencer, Bunn, Burns, Bennett, Sherman, Manley, Monroe, DeVoll, Lewis, Stratton
1684 Lovett/Lovitt Genealogy Lovett, Lovitt, McDonald, James, Grigsby, Forman, Richardson, Hunter, Price, Edmonds/Edmunds, Heisler
1685 The LowAry Home Page Lowary/Lowery, McCoy, Newman, Elston, Hardy, Bishop, Reynolds, Byler, Courtney, Stoneking, North, Allison, Tinsley, Robinson, Wagner, Shepard
1686 Lowbridge/Wall & Ormerod Maybury Family Genealogy Ormerod, Maybury, Lowbridge, Wall, Squires, Hargreaves, Ord, Jackson, Siner
1687 Lowery Home Page Cameron, Beck, Mathis, Lowery, Lowry, Lynch
1688 Lt. John Ellis of Sandwich, Mass Ellis, Giddings, Ellsworth, Sutton, Conn
1689 Lucy's Page Malaga, Bernedo, Arenas
1690 Luesby Family Lundy, MacLeod, Traviss, Burns, Grice
1691 Lund/Andre Family Page Andre/Andr, Gunn, Worth, Brinsmade, Lund, Chapin, Kellogg, Gold, Talcott, Trimble, Swango, McGuire, Nickell, Coffin, Folger, Auseon
1692 Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Genealogy Corkum, Hatt, Eisenhauer, Richardson, Mosher, Wambold, Garrison, Lowe, Lohnes, Rohsty, Whitman, Wissell, Hoagg, Moritz
1693 Lynn's Lineage Links Beattie, Collins, Denny, Harris, Laird, Lunsford, Murray, Storm
1694 LynnDel's Surname Index Sturges, Dobson, Floding, Fox/Fuchs, Newbold, Stupka, Watkins, Willert/Woellert
1695 Lynne and Eric's Humble Home Page Bunting, Brumback, Maser, Livers, Smith, Thorn, Yeager
1696 The Lynskey Homepage Lynskey/Lynsky/Linskey/Linsky
1697 MacDonald / Griffin Genealogy MacDonald, Griffin, Buffy, Haugh, Sutherland, Courtney, Beaton, Judge
1698 The Mack Family Home Page Mack, McManaman/McManiman/McManimon, Lauser/Louser, DeYager, Swartele, Meintel, Mindler/Mindeler/Minderler, McMahon, Langan/Langon, Armbruster, Teufel
1699 Maddox family Maddox
1700 MADDUX GENEALOGY Maddux/Maddox/Maddocks/Mattocks, Burk, Springfiled, White, Ortmann, Gamble, Woods, Watson, Tull, Stults, O'neal, Packard, Tull, Green, Bell, Morison/Morrison

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