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This is page 39 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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1901 My Family Genealogy - The Never Ending Search Chaffin, Fox, Petty, Sliger, Smith, Watson, Welch, Wenckens
1902 My Family Genealogy Page Rine/Ryan, Moats, Nutt, Baker, Bentz, Dorst, Jones, Riddle, Manning, Hulderman, Stump, Armstrong
1903 My Family Genealogy Page Cunningham, Hudson, Twigg, Robinson, Snow, Corbin, Murphy, Leahey
1904 My Family History Gunn, Sharp, Deckert, Bley
1905 My Family History Midyett/Midgett, Lowe, Wise, Bertwell/Birtwell, Childs, Coffin, Porcelain, Vinceslio, Payne/Paine, Scarborough
1906 My Family History McFann, Woodard, Crawford, Keister, Ridenour, Rickard, Farley
1907 My Family History Misenar/Mizener/Misner, Parsons, Carson, Kile/Kyle, Kuske, Conrad, Duke, Fitch, Shuler, Shadel/Shadle, Winslow, Lowell, Bliss, Becker, Stuart
1908 My Family Research Appleyard, Bradley, Burwell, Cunningham, Harper, Hewitt, Hutchinson, Mackey, Murfin, Nettleton, Pearson, Smithson, Stubbs, Thompson, Wilson
1909 MY FAMILY TREE - TANNER SURNAMR Tanner, Enos, Clark
1910 My Family Tree Baldwin, Bassam/Basham, Bridgewater, Cole, Gorges, Hertzog/Hartzog, Haynes, Huckaby, Ingrim/Ingram, McSherry, Osenbaugh, Ditgen, Sandefur, Payne, Weber, Bunfill
1911 My Family Tree Ault, Bowen, Drum/Drumm, Hull, Neill/Neil/Neal, Hinebaugh, Stamm, Spearman, Thomson/Thompson, Wilson, Smith, Wagner, Cooper, Chesta/Christie
1912 My Family Tree Hammond, Moore, Trippe, Stedman, Wyman, Parkinson, Schmid, Paine/Payne, Colbath, Lathrop, Sommer, Starrett, Wald, Greenwich, Wilson, Perley
1913 MY FAMILY TREE Adams, Addleman, Aller, Alonzo, Amundson, Anderson
1914 My Family Tree Feagin, Lester, Hunt, Edwards, Freeman, Pickett, Jackson, Johnson, Coller, Collins, Bacon, MacDonald, Youngblood, Thomas, Dunn, Jones
1915 My Family Tree Archer, Gibson, Greetham, Low/Lowe, Martin, Lehman, Silvers, Spearman, Crumrine, Crawford, Elwell, Rose, Conner
1916 My Family Tree Cole, Sears, Patterson, McKee, Clutts, Snodgrass, Crawford, Freeman
1917 My Family Tree Sargent, Colvin, Edmunds, Parris, Aymar, Bromley, Colby, Fisk, Harrington, Noreau, Potter
1918 My Family Tree Partee, Purtee, Hall, Cree, Eakins, Herdman, Smith, Hollingsworth
1919 My Family Tree Purtee, Partee, Hollingsworth, Hall, Cree, Smith, Eakins, Ullrich, White, Gerald, Jarrell, Carter, Click, Bingham
1920 my family tree Levett, Levitt, Bourke/Burke, Little, Dwyer, Gallagher, Bruce, Lynch, Carroll, Feeney, Payne/Payn
1921 My Family Tree Helvey, Nisbet, Bolls, Witzel, Mitchell, Whitaker, Carter, Cary, Bouchier, Brumfield, Caldwell, Zollinger, Plantagenet, Mauch, Carter, Chick
1922 My Family! Moseley/Mosley/Mosely/Mowsley, Hale, Taylor, Adams, Cox, Neely/Neeley, Horton, Bergeson, Pope, Brower, Fischer, McDermott, Stowell
1923 My Family Bell, Douglas, Duncan, Engle, Gordon, Knight, Pearson, Powers, Robinson, Smith, Young, Warren, Curtis, Gentile, Mcgraw, Woodard
1924 My Family Lemieux, Turcotte, Hickey, Laflamme, Connor, Veillieux, Arakelian, Belrose, Fargo, Shank, NcNeill, Pelcarzski, Pomerleau, St. Hilaire, Ramig, Mullins
1925 My Family Forman/Foreman, Jensen/Johnson, Heath, Nielsen
1926 MY FAMILY Davis, Robinson, Beard, Mullen, Baldwin, Loofbourrow/Loofburrow, Penfold, Methenay/Matheny, Brackney, Shifflett
1927 My Family Binnie/Binnay, Barone, Curley, Schoefield, Champion, Mowers
1928 My Genealogy Collection Jones, Smith, Combs, Estep, Focht, Fritz, Ison, Fugate
1929 My Genealogy Pages Airheart/Airhart/Earhart, Cary/Carey, Carr, Cottrell/Cotteral, Davies/Davis, Evans, Howard, Lawrence/Lorenz, Meyer/Mayer, Ramsour/Ramsower, Robbecke, Vincent, Weigel
1930 My Genealogy Pages Slack, Wooley
1931 My Genealogy Page Aspaas, Akerson, Anderson, Greenfield, Rasmussen, Maynard, Olson, Swenson
1932 My Genealogy Page Boczar, Cholewiusz, Clark/Clarke, D'ascenzo, Decesare, Filar, Franceschini, Harris, Henry, Kasprik/Kosprykz, Parker, Pieczynski, Rynik/Ranek, Servant, Slate, Testa
1933 My Genealogy Web Page at Kathy's Angel Pages Groner, Pomeroy, Schultz, Senning, Lake, Murray
1934 My Genealogy Dainard, Nitsche, McArthur, Danard, Daynard, Trodler, Simpson, White
1935 my genealogy Ridgeway, Nicholson, Adams, Sutton, Parks, Taylor, Moore, Letson
1936 My Genealogy Roberson, Robinson, Proffitt, Sullivan, Smith, Walker, Williams, Wilson
1937 My Geneaolgy Page Hector, Meyer, Stabler, Taylor, Watson, Webb, Woody, Larue
1938 My Georgia Harpers Harper, Benton, Brewer, Dennis, Deason, Ponder, King, Tinsley, Ingram, Lanier, Luckie, Peterson, Carleton, Nelms, Wyatt, Randolph
1939 My Georgia HARPERS Harper, Benton, Brewer, Dennis, Deason, King, Ingram, Peterson, Wyatt, Ponder, Luckie, Tinsley, Nelms, Bledsoe, Carleton, Bennett
1940 my hitchcock heritage Hitchcock, Call, Sprague, Axelsen, Goodell, Worden, Burt, Hartshorn, Ness, Hendricks, Hahtonen, Myhr, Olsen, Iversen
1941 My Home Page Jones, Jewitt, Harper, Lawler, Richter
1942 My Home Page Henderson, Knight, Pair, Gaither, Brannon, Brown, Freeman, Ganous
1943 My Irish Ancestors Sunderland, Brennan, King, McGarry, Hede/Heade/Head, Kennedy, Sherry, Hagan, Connors, Shea, Murphy, Coogan
1944 My KYGER & HINZE lineage Ardrey, Barth, Bush, Emmons, Harms, Hinze, Holt, Kyger/Geiger, Opperman, Probley, Strey, Waters
1945 MY LASSITER FAMILY Leicester, Meeks, Walling, Walton, Lawless, Rhodes, Eason, Powell
1946 My Lowe Family of Eastern Kentucky Lowe, Justice, Adams, Taylor
1947 my Macdonald family Macdonald, Fraser, Mearns, mcRiche, Noble, Patterson
1948 My McLean Family McLean, Gordon, Shand, Morgan, Fowler, Hay, Ryrie/Ririe/Rerey, Durward, Henderson, Morrison, Elder, Bissett, McDonald, Cruickshank
1949 My Mississippi Roots Sharp, Gunn, Chester, Bley, Deckert
1950 My Myers Line Myers, Wilkens, Gurney, Mann, Haney, Beal, Bowers, Harrison, Neel, Spidell, Robinette, Hinkle, Lawson, Kisseberth, Murphy, Sutherland

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