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This is page 14 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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651 Descendants of Andrew Brown, Sr. Brown, Alley, Carr, Dow, Harris, Huff, King, Lassell, Libby/Libbey, Loring, Merrill, Mitchell, Stackpole, Staples, Tyler, Waterhouse
652 Descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne Chesnay/Chenay/Chene/Chaine/Chenier, Cheeney/Chenez/Chainey/Cheney, Chainay/Chesne/Chesney/Chaigne
653 Descendants of Boston Ollis Ollis
654 Descendants of Capt. Robert Sears Sears, Blackburn, Combs, Dye, Hann, Harding, McNabb, Sears
655 Descendants of Charles Brutout Brutout, Derenne, DeCoster, Zanarini, Perry, Vinck, Darquenne, Means
656 Descendants of Christian Zuehlke Zuehlke, Hastings, Morris, Kammer
657 Descendants of David Hamilton Gower, Broadwell, Wilson, Stapp, Ervin, Medlock, Bowen, Cross
658 The Descendants of Edward Ball of NJ Ball, Blatchley, Burnet/Burnett, Crane, Garrigus/Garrigues, Hiler, Hyler, Lindley, Morris, Pierson, Prince, Rosencrans/Rosencranz, Shipman, Eckman, Bruen, Baldwin
659 Descendants of Francis Piles Pyles/Piles/Pyle/Pile, King, Gainer, Sturm, Tennant, Proffitt
660 Descendants of Franklin Freeman Burnham, Stoughton, Partch
661 Descendants of Frederick C. Stakley Stakley, Bechtel
662 Descendants of George Abernethy De Barrie Abernethy/Abernathy
663 Descendants of Hendrick Vandolah Vandolah, Hand, Swallow, Taylor, Wilgus, Wilson, Hausman
664 Descendants of Henry Clay and Sarah Spencer AVENT Avent, Clark, Crowley, Griffin, Griffith, Henley, Quinn, Spencer, Miller, Aldridge
665 Descendants of Isaac and Saloma Woodcock Brown, Dace, Dunne, Gillbert, Goodall, Hail, Heady, Lawrence, Phelps, Radford, Schatz, Standifer, Thurmond, Whitmire, Woodcock, Wright
666 Descendants of James Blackwood, Settler of Dennysville, Maine and Revolutionary War Soldier Blackwood, Brown, Colson, Dudley, Greenlaw, Harris, Hilyard, Holmes, Libby/Libbey, Lurchin, Madison, Mitchell, Quimby, Smith, Sprague, Wilbur
667 Descendants of James Darraugh Darraugh, Derrough, Darragh, Darrah, Darrough, Derragh
668 Descendants of James Weathers Weathers, Linton, Cunningham, Dawson
669 Descendants of Johann George Heim Heim/Hime/Himes, Beisel/Beissel, Baltoser/Baltozer, Ebert, Engle, Foord, Gutshall/Gutschalk, Keister, Kieffer, Lightner, Stout, Eater/Eder/Heeter, Rowe, Yoder, Harter/Herter, Snyder
670 Descendants of John and Jane Francis Francis, Bradshaw, McCracken, Mull, Allmon, Thompson, Lilly, Pate
671 Descendants of John Sidebottom (and more) Sidebottom/Sydebotham, Hammer, Dewberry, Whittaker, Stone, Weaver, Markward, McCarty
672 The Descendants of John Strong Strong, Chesnut, Moffett/Moffatt, Weir, Harbison, McQuiston, Wilson, McCaw, McCalla, Wylie
673 Descendants of John Wells and Ann Wells, Lasley, Teasley, Gardner, Jesseman, Penticost
674 Descendants of Jonathan MCARTOR McArtor
675 Descendants of Joseph Kirkland Kirkland, McCullough, Shetler, Clugston, Hunter, Beck, Hughes, Suman
676 Descendants of Larkin Baker Baker, Brush, DeBord
677 Descendants of Leonard Groninger Chroninger/Croninger/Croniger/Groninger
678 Descendants of Lieutenant Benjamin Woodruff of New Jersey Woodruff/Woodrough
679 Descendants of Michael VANNEST (?-1823), Ontario>MI Arnot, Boyce, Bray, Cody, Comer, Dean, Flannery, Gerrow, Hall, Heatlie, Kemp, Montgomery, Oldfield, Sischo, Vancamp, Vannest
680 Descendants of Michiel Otto Otto
681 Descendants of Mr. BÖLÄ Tripp, Coppus, Leland, Paden, Forrester, Flaugher, Sutter, Bohlen, Ebel, Schroeder, Spitznagle, Allen, Bartlett
682 Descendants of Perry Taylor Taylor, Elliott, Blackburn, Alexander, Wheeler, Montgomery, Bean, Green, Bailey, Dailey, Winslow, Brown, Davis, Emory, Flowers, Hamilton
683 Descendants of Quinton Patch Patch/Partch
684 Descendants of Rev. John Marks Marks, Crews, Crook/Crooks, Crowley, Poole, Thornberry, Rakestraw
685 Descendants of Richard KEMP (1812-1882), England>Ontario>MI Arnot, Bartels, Bennett, Dean, Hawks, Kemp, Kenney, Lynn, Page, Platts, Reed, Thayer, Turk, Tyler, Vannest, Stillwell
686 Descendants of Richard Perkins Perkins
687 Descendants of Robert Hanna, Sr. (1755-1837) Hanna, Hammers, Williams, David, Hamilton, Wilborn/Welborn, Ogden, Freeman, Hill, McClelland, Neilson, Probasco, Norris, Thompson, Whalen, Young
688 Descendants of Samuel TURK, NY>MI Adair, Bartels, Benedict, Brown, Daley, Gillet, Herron, Kemp, Monroe, Mulholland, Ronson, Savage, Simmons, Turk, Williams, Kenney
689 Descendants of Simon Bridwell Bridwell, Briscoe, Jewell, Jones, Melton, Thornberry
690 Descendants of Thomas and Deborah Skillings Blackwood, Brown, Colson, Doane, Harris, Holmes, Irish, King, Libby/Libbey, Merrill, Nickerson, Preble, Sanborn, Skillings, Sprague
691 Descendants of Thomas Bartlett (c1730-1806) Bartlett, Baker, Fleming, Newlon, Hathaway, Timberlake, Lawson, Welch, Plunkett, Settle, Mitchell, Glaze, Elliott, Bush, Sallard, Sanford
692 Descendants of Thomas LACY Brady, Church, Etzel, Franklin, Holder, Jones, Lane, Lacy, Ratliff, Spencer
693 Descendants of Thomas MACKIN Mackin, Joyce, Woods, Buckman
694 Descendants of Thomas Mushero Butterfield, Coffin, Inman, Kinney, Misheau, Mushero
695 The Descendants of William Anderson Dowda Dowda, Tesney, Tesseneer, Callahan
696 Descendants of William Brown Brown, Hargreaves, Hard, Morton, Bridgman, Champniss, Bradford, Talbot, Potter, Coxe, Wood, Primrose, Bacon, Cecil, Griswold, Delmar-Morgan
697 Descendants of William C. Everitt Everitt/Everett, Lewellen, Tash, Easum, Ray, Cole, Whitson, Bridgewater
698 Descendants of William GILTINAN Giltinan, Hansen, Anderson, Keach, Powers, Kirkwood, Gilman, Vail, Madigan, Woods, Thomas, Coffey, Ford
699 Descendants of William Osborne of MD Osborn/Osborne
700 The Descendants Waddell, Humphries, Campbell, Ragan, Hammontree, Trantham, Shelledy

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