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This is page 55 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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2704 W460 Wheeler Genealogy Searchable Database by Bill Wheeler, Burke, Van Doren, McDaniel, Sterrett, Weldon, Martin, Chamberlin, Ross, Casad, Barbee, Stites, Owens, Martin, Vanbebber, Tingley
2705 Waggoner Genealogy Waggoner/Waggener/Wagoner, Caston, Pearson, Hart, Greer/Greern, Hale/Haile
2706 Waggoner/ Wagoner/ Wagner Family Pages Waggoner, Wagoner, Wagner
2707 WAGNER HOME PAGE Wagner, Moulder
2708 Walczak Family Home Page Bentall, Swierc, Bestul, Trinrud, Bieniek, Urbanowski, Claydon, Walczak/Walczuk, Hanson, Hartmann, Hotz, Swayze
2709 Waldo Family Genealogy Project Waldo, Pratt, Dimmock, Noble
2710 A Walk In The Orchard Lancaster, Simpson, Buckingham, Thomas, Allen, Hood, Wrinkle, Baker, McKinney, Ford, Wallace, Campbell, Rutherford, Orchard, Norman, Burnham
2711 Walker's Backwater Canyon Austin, Call, Hauck, Hussey, Loring, Rinchetti, Walker, Wilson
2712 Wall Family Home Page Wall, Smiley, Threeton, Mansfield, Washburn, Gates, Hackett, Owen
2713 The Wallace Family, Jefferson County, Indiana Wallace, Cravens, Lowe, Deal, Dryden
2714 Waller Family Home Page Waller, Robb, Wallace, Tazewell, Patton, Carr
2715 Walsh Family Genealogy Walsh, O'Rourke, Stessman, Triplett, Burns, Sloan, Martin, Sweeney
2716 Walsh Family of Washington State Walsh, Burk, Rollinger, Haberman, Furlong, Grandberg
2717 Wampler/Wampfler Family Genealogy Wampler, Wampfler
2718 Wanda's Genealogy Home Page Breeden, Loveday, Parks, Corn, Waters, Brown
2719 "Ward, Eno, Maxson & Morgan families and also Burke, Kessler & Vermillion families Ward, Eno, Morgan, Maxson, Burke/Burk, Kessler, Vermillion
2720 Wardens homepage Higgins, Dimond, Hockaday
2721 Warman / Whalen Family of Molus River NB Warman, Whalen
2722 The Warren Family Bible Warren, Roise, Royce, Rice
2723 Washington O'Hare's @ Home Laizure, O'Hare, Murray, Fisher/Fischer, Else, Hoffer, Lunde/Lundy, Maug, Hartman, Grimes, Gugel, Knor, Akins, Miller, Maurer, Moore
2724 The Waste Family Waste/Waiste, Steele, Bonnett, Williams, Bentley, Weeks, Wood, Stout, Jordan, Long, Roads, Giles, Betry, Russel, Scott, Davis
2725 Watson & Stier Family Tree Watson, Stier, Denton, Cunningham, Dilback, Stout, Kneip, Cowell, Roberts, Reed, Rich, White, Jones, Ellis, Eden, Newman
2726 Watson's Genealogy Home Page Watson, Blevins/Blevins, Smith, Hooks, Clark, Nodine, Stokes, Morris, De Veaux/De Voe, Fowler, Mahuron, Nagel, Pearsall, Post, Thorn, Wilkinson
2727 The Wearys of Jersey and Canada Weary, Hamon, Wehry, Le Brocq, Wehren, Briard
2728 Weatherby Information Page Weatherby/Weatherbee/Wetherby, Kurtz, Bolden, Smith, Lawrence, Dayton, Willis, Quinton, Richards, Leeds, Mathis, Jean
2729 The Weiner Family Weiner/Weinerovich, Gloth, Endervelt, Polimer/Polmer, Miller, Bercovici, Kreiswirth
2730 Weisel Ancestors of Hessen-Darmstadt Dalen, Gille, Herges, Hively, Mollers, Schepp, Weisel, Weissel
2731 Welch Family Allen, Bagley, Buxton, Drown, Hill, Simpson, Smith, Washburn, Welch
2732 Welcome To Ally's Genealogy Page Murphy, Sheridan, White, Jacobs
2733 Welcome to Amy's Place Johnson, Solem, Dahl, Bigelow, Brekken, Bremer, Johansen, Hutto, Russell, Livingston, Moe, Fagerlie, Olsdatter, Aspaas, Semingson, Mork
2734 Welcome to Bonnie's Genealogy Mroz/Mros, Zech, Enderle, Schwartz, Bursch, Parker, Hickey, Miller, Henger, Speier, Erwin
2735 Welcome to Casa de Veale Pepperell, Nancarrow, Alger/Algar, Jenkin, Billing, Tresise/Tresize, Hanne, Michelmore, Blanksby/Blankby, Coulson, Hird, Trenbath, Wallish, Tonkin, Horton, Raines
2736 Welcome to Dale's World Durnell, Hammer, Robarge, Oliver, Mack, Fitzgerald, Holsinger, McGuire
2737 Welcome To My Alabama Roots Millwood, Sanderson, Horsley, Waller, Bromley, Harris
2738 Welcome to my Family History Riche', Marchant, Valerie/Vallery, Pomier/Pommier, Gonit/Gonin, Vick, Reynolds, Chelette/Cheletre/Schelette, Clermont/Clairmont, Couti/Cottee, De Los Reyes/Derio, Torres/Taures, Varange/Varanque, Christophe
2739 Welcome to my World Murray, Coopey, Lovering, Bartley, Kirchner, Bourke, Donellan, Pickhaver
2740 Welcome To Our Family Cribb, Knox, Callis/Kellis
2741 Welcome to Rushings Short, Rushing, Gordon, Garcia, Cannaday
2742 Welcome to Russell Genealogy Russell, Cole, Baldwin, Seibolt, Bard, Fuqua, Johnson, Till
2743 Welcome to the Bostwick Family History Page Bostwick, Lamp, Persello, Pellis, Crowl, Pitzer, DeHaven, Whitacre
2744 Welcome To The Cone Research Home Page! Cone, Barber, Duggan, Spencer, Bailey, Ferguson, Tippit, Willis, Colding, Taylor, Sterling, McCall, Joyce, Beacham
2745 Welcome to the Cooksey Family Home Page Cooksey, Sellers, Hall, Walker, Phillips
2746 Welcome to the Hansen Homepage Richmond, Swartz, Bell, Noble, Pankonin, Gode, Kissner, Cuthbert, Hansen/Hanson, Jensen, Sutherland, Ogg
2747 Welcome to the Welch's webpages Anastasio, Arnette, Cappelli, Di Fillippi, Glenn, Gadlow, Laabs, Dempster, Welch
2748 Welcome to the White-Kressley Family History Website Birnbaum, Brader, Greer, Kiesele, Kolberg, Flood, Greer, Koontz, Kressley, Lang, Mclaughlin, Witt, Martin, Ruttan, White, Wiltse
2749 Welcome Web Travelers Parenteau, Vann, Legros, Block, Wiegand, Schmeler
2750 Welker/Mayne Genealogy Welker, Mayne, Ricks, Lutz, Jeppesen, Hansen, Harris, Martin, Shupe, Emerson, Morris, Ballinger, White, Cleveland, Stoker, Hull
2751 The Wells & Allied Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware Wells/Welles
2752 The Wells Genealogy Pome Page Wells, Kiewicz, Welles, Apperley, Bumpus, Bumpas, Dallison, Darlison, Kewitsch
2753 Welsh-Delli Pizzi Homepage Scully, Watson, Hancock, Thornton, Pealling, Williams, DelliPizzi, Hale, Connicella, Simmonds, Welsh, Miller, Penny/Penney, Conboy, Evans, Cummings

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