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This is page 3 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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101 Ancestors of Tabitha Ann Ackermann Ackermann, Anderson, Butler, Dold, Fulton, Heil, Hohmann, McLain, Miller, Murphy, Palmer, Watson, Yoho
102 Ancestors of the Malec Family Hall, Drake, Parker, Woods, McElwain, Messenger, Collins, Burkhammer
103 Ancestors of Tim Farr Farr, Creed, Watkins, Giles, Freeman, Hovey, Farwell, Harris, Oram, Snow, Presbury, Paine/Payne, Conant, Davis, Johnson, Fuller
104 Ancestors of Virginia Lisa Wells Yule, Hubbs, Miller, Lane, Rex, Beck, Winters, McCarty, Robinson, Burns, Smith, Akin, Sharp, Blackburn, Crawford, Hughes
105 Ancestors of Viva Arlene Wardwell Wardwell, Perkins, Grindle, Hutchins, Hutchings, Noyes, Chase, Homan, Merrill, Bolton, Littlefield, Webber, Newbury, Snowman, Pratt, Lowell
106 The Ancestral File of Daniel R and Rachel J Taylor Taylor, Tiffany, Branham, Tweddell, Jarman, Crouse, Bird, Zufelt, Oakes, Moyer, Burt, Powell, Tibbetts, Judd, Jackson, Graham
107 Ancestral Genealogy Swan, Hartzell, Markley, Alford, Mitchell, Eaton, Mock, McCready
108 Ancestral Tree Doyle, Fuller, Churchill, Hammond, Haylett, Walbridge, Jones, Coates, Husted, Palmer, Fisher, Runyan, Sleeper
109 Ancestry and Descendants of Samuel Truesdell Truesdell, Truesdale, Trusdell, Trusdale, Treusdell, Truesdail, Truesdel
110 The Ancestry of Harry Wildman Wildman, Frost, Cox, Milward, Jebson
111 Ancestry of Hezekiah Hoar Hoar, Hoard, Hore
112 Ancestry of the Gaffney - Johnson Families Gaffney, Johnson, Motter, Austin, Grider, Brown, Timmons, Pierce, Smith, Olmsted, Luce/Luse, Brainard, Hollinger, Evens, Himmel, Stroops
113 Anderson / Worrell / Railey / Marshall Family History Site Anderson, Worrell, Mathews, Harrell, Whitaker, Everett, Marshall, Raley, Railey, Moore
114 Anderson Home Page Anderson, Bamford, Erb, Flynn, Farrington, Mansfield
115 ANDERSON-NEWBERRY HOME PAGE Anderson, Wix, Newberry, Cantrell, Vaughn, Gourley, Hartley, Bilbrey
116 Andi's Hangout Cox, McSwain, Downing, Stroud, Finley, Haskins
117 Andreas Goetz Ahnen and Tausende Links Goetz, Krahl, Schlotheim, Froehner, Mueller, Albrecht
118 Andrew Hite of Fairfiels Co., Ohio Hite, Kagy, Bibler, Seitz, Bretz, Saum, Geiger/Giger, Brubaker, Lewis, Whidden, DeLong, Stevenson, Baer, Hoffert, Ruffner, Hampson
119 Andrew Kemp's Genealogy Page Kemp, Van Der Ven, Murhpy, De Jong, Welsh, Dethridge
120 Andrews and Collateral Families Genealogy Andrews, Merrick, Harrison, Starrett, Loomis, Manzer, Twitchell, Rathbone
121 Andy's Home Page Tirrell, Rice, Anzalone, DiPillo
122 Angela's Family Graham, Todd, Ball, Burnett, Dees, Clouse, Ford
123 Anita's Genealogy Homepage Dismukes, Hall, Lewallen, Solomon, Roach, Litteral
124 Anita's Genealogy Research Forsythe, Washburn, June, Pierce, Peterman, Bullock, Shadle, Haskins
125 "Ann's Ancestor Album" Binkley, Davis, Frey, Hasebrock, Chandler, Sherrill, Sexton, Overshiner, Bennett, Delatte, Staton/Staten, Parsley, Oney, Starr, Alexander, McGowan
126 Ann's Family Home Page Rice, Armstrong, Swanson, Donovan, Lock/Locke, Dodd, Price, Lambie, Rush, Bauer, Fleming, Leuenberger, Groat, Bauman/Bowman, Walrath, Carleton
127 Ann's Genealogy Page Fein, Fine, Fenimore, Goodman, Guttman, Kessler, Shannon, Titus, Tyter
128 Anne Kaelber's Genealogy Research Kaelber/Kelber, Tilley/Tilly, Parson/Parsons, McCormick/McCormack, Borleis, Satterlee, Blain/Blaine, Fish, Hall, Arnold, Mohney, Hart/Heart, Grissom/Gresham, Williams, Dunnivant, Mills
129 Anne Marie Black Ryan Genealogy Mellor
130 Anne's HomePage Perrin, Love, Wilder, Oliver, Towne, Willis, Gould, Barber
131 Anne's Page Low, Keith, Hood, Cagle, Conway, Chesser
132 Another Branch of the Yeager's Yeager, Buffington, Hoffman, Moberg, Row/Rau/Rough, Shoop, Woodside, Bowerman, Daniel, Dell, Enterline, Kissinger, Lubold, Motter, Romberger, Schott
133 another genealogy resource Hargrove, Little, Ainsworth, House, Rodden, Stockton, McElroy, Downs
134 The Anthony Kehoe Family Homepage Kehoe
135 ANTROBUS/BLAKE/MAGDA Home Page Antrobus, Blake, Borzea, Danchuk, Magda, Puscas, Sandru
136 Applegate Genealogy Applegate, Elrod, Cartwright, Hiday, Taylor
137 ARBON Family Arbon, May, Roberts, Ashby
138 Ardath Blue Genealogy Pavy/Pavey, Gerard/Gerrard/Garard, Roseberry, Davis, McClanahan, Wells, Hutton, Waldsmith, Kern, Demaree, Gilbert, Clements, Cochran, Davisson, Campbell
139 Arender Family Roots Arender/ Orender, Myers, Orander/ Orinder, Middleton, Orendor/Orendore/ Ornder, Paterson, Dukes, Richardson, Hartley, Bowen, Traxler, Roberts, Dilmore, Ainsworth, Kennedy, Baldwin
140 Armstrong family history page Armstrong, Mulkey, Wolfe, Prettyman, Jensen, Jacobson, Junkin
141 Arndt Family Genealogy Page Arndt, Rost, Wendt
142 Arnicar Family Page Arnicar, Asnicar
143 Arnie Levine looking for the Rich - Genealogy page Rich, Applebaum/Appelbaum/Eppelbaum/Eppelboim, Czusik/Chizik/Chyzhyk, Chizhik/Chezik, Bass, Schechtman/Scheckhtman/Shekhtman, Glatt, Laskowitz, Sherman, Lasko/Lascoe, Holtz, Cohen, Lipman, Simon, Jacobson/Jacobsen, Levine/Levin
144 ARNOLD genealogy by Coralynn Arnold, Wakeman, Brooks, Thomas, Hubbard, Spencer
145 arnold's homepage Staten/Staton/Stanton, Wilson, Davis, Baker, Shannon, Llewellyn, Sherrod, Johnson, Edwards, Sheley, Lindley
146 Around-the-Loop: The Unofficial Loop Genealogy Home Page Loop, Hooker, Cook, McGrew, Frost, Palmeter
147 ARSENE N. GIRAULT'S HOME PAGE Girault, Gero, Dierolf, Repsher
148 Arsnova's Genealogy Page Roberson/Robertson/Robinson, Long, Ragsdale/Ragsdille/Ragsdill, Johnson/Jeansonne/Jeanson, Mathews/Matthews, Donovan, Barett/Barrett/Baret
149 Arthur Close Ancestry Page Close, Benson, Hardy, Holton, Koonsman, Whipple, Lambert, Link, Markley, Merkle/Merkel, Wagerline, Sell, Sluss, Dinkle/Dinkel, Hesser, Strauss
150 Ashley - Borowiak - Wilcox Genealogy Pages Ashley, Asselin/Ancelin/Aslin/Anslin, Borowiak, Kozakiewicz, Baczmarzynski, Porter, Touchette, Wilcox

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