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This is page 5 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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201 Barrickman / Pittinger Descendants Barackman/Barickman/Barrickman, Pittinger/Pettinger
202 Barrow, Dunn, and Hollingsworth Family Histories Barrow, Dunn, Hollingsworth
203 Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and History Page Dunagan, Gentry, Mayfield, Spence, Patterson, Grogan, Dickey, Poor
204 Barry Genealogy and History Page Dunagan, Spence, Gentry, Dickey, Grogan, Patterson, Arnold, Mayfield
205 Bart Henderson O'Dair Family Tree O'Dair, Fernandez
206 The Bartholomew Family Packard, Hart, Wood, North, Ames, Johnson, Martin, Woodford, Crush, Lindsley, Knight, Alley, Orvis, Lord, Page, Porter
207 Bartold Surname Resource Center Bartold, Berthold, Barthold, Bertold, Bartoldo, Bertoldo, Bartoldi, Bartholdi, Bartoldus, Bertoldus
208 Barton Family History Barton
209 The BASHAMs & DORSETTs of England Basham, Dorsett, Taylor, Hopcroft, Lacey, Snelling, King, Sansom, Ong, Figg, Brewer, Evans, Barnaby, Hurl, Langthorn, Newman
210 Bashawclan Radu, DeWitt, Greenawalt, Szekely, Backus, Peltier, Collins, Thompson, O'Rourke, Harrington, Scot, Dettmer, Zehe, Drake
211 Basquin Beginnings Basquin, Nading
212 The Bastian-Rehfuss Family Home Page Bastian, Curtis, Lodge, Bryer, Rehfuss, Mufferi, Pearson, VanZile/Van Zile, Carvello, Sutton
213 The Bates Family of Old Virginia Bates, Winston, Tarleton, Fleming, Milner, Daniel, Alford, Mayes
214 Bates Genealogy Page Bates, Schooley, Standiford, Schlonga, Gorski, Howerton
215 Batten Family Page Batten, Daniels, Woodruff, Fosh
216 BATTER family home page Batter, Craig, Mccullough, Hilton, Peters, Millichamp, Mcpherson, Lelond, Winfield, Stanford
217 The Baugh Family Tree In Georgia Baugh, Castleberry, Pitts, Goolsby
218 Bavidge Family Worldwide Bavidge, Babbage, Babbidge, Bavege, Bavage, Avery, Rodda, Fenwick, Tagg, Benzie, Weir
219 Baxter, Robert Wright Mormon Pioneer Baxter, Agnew, Barnes
220 The Bean Family Tree Bean, Moore, Hynes, McBride, Thornton, Toner, Hinkle, Osborn, Rinehart, Campbell, Shuff, Huffer, McLaughlin, Denson, Connor/O'Connor/Conner, Forney
221 The Beaudoin Home Page Beaudoin, Frettim/Frettem/Fretheim, Piercy, Halkowich, Bjeld, Bj rgum, Breisnes, Brekke, Dr go, Drydal, Flåm, Hauglum, Kvam, Hemri, Henjum, Loven
222 The Bebensee Family Tree Bebensee, Bevensee, Minor, Deen, Clausen, Claussen
223 The Becker - Lawrence Family Home Page Becker, Brashear, Burba, Burbee/Burby, Cheever, Copple, Dodson, Ham/Hamm, Lawrence, Phillips, Plummer, Randles/Randall, Tapp, Tucker, Unmack, VanCamp/VanCampen
224 Becky's Family History Linford, Band, Jones, Downs, Nash, Kellet, Forbes, Turner, Spencer, Whiting, Kitchinman, Michaelides, Singleton, Simm, Bedell, Money
225 Becky's place Wade, Davis, Wilson, Ray, Cranfield, Fowler, Levi, McCalman, Simmons, Pogue, Caldwell
226 Becky's Roots McCray, Moore, Chrisman, Pitts, Knauf, Long, Cavender, Sheely/Sheeley, Smith, Drew, Hawk, Ingram, Miller, Roberts/Roberds, Wilson, Defnall
227 BEERNINK FAMILY HISTORY Beernink, Toussaint, Remeeus, Rexwinkle/Rexwinkel, Hoftijzer/Hoftiezer, Stevens, Brukkelder/Breukelaar, Hagens
228 Begent Family Home Pages Begent, Smerdon, Marchant, Appleby
229 The Begey Family Homepage Orman/Auman, Klingler, Dodd, Hurley, Lester, Kirkpatrick, Salter, O'Toole/Toole, McCormick, Ellis, Brown, Faires, Reed, Hiner, Smith, Chatterton
230 Behind Closed Doors Carroll, Tanksley, Hurst, Shrewsbury, Bratcher, Fugate, Kuykendall, Barnett, Mashburn, Sikes/Sykes, Quesenberry, Terry
231 BELLINGHAM GENEALOGY Bellingham, Clarke, Cholmondeley, Cairnes, Banester
232 Bement Family History Beaumont, Bement, Augspurger, Schertz, Sanford
233 The BeMent Family Home Page Beaumont, Bement, Augspurger, Schertz, Sanford
234 Benjamin E. Achee, Jr. & Ida Mae Stewart Achee, Ayraud, Derbes, Gallant, Hache, Gibson, Cazenave, Valie
235 Bennett Family Genealogy Bennett, Ooley, Peck, Phillippi, Phillippe, Wampler, VanValkenburg, Eichelberger
236 Benninghoff HomePage Benninghoff, Bennighoff, Bennyhoff, Penticuff, Pennycuff
237 Benson Family History Benson, Hontz, Barber, Smith, Cotter, Bruce, McKarnin, Stubblefield, Gilliam, Duerson, Rice, Stephens, McGinnis, Digges, Herndon, Waller
238 Bentley & Gail's Family Ties Deal, Barrett, Howell, Higgins, Andrews, Stephenson, Larson, West, Lee/Lea
239 berry Berry
240 Bertotti Family Home Page Bertotti, Bertot, Bertoti
241 Beryl's HomePage Cain/Kain, Collins, Schildt, Moore, McLaughlin, Cox, Saunders, Linn/Lynn, Latta, Addis, Potter, Waln, Clark, Budd, Hampton, Simcock
242 Beth Huffman's Home Page Cadmus, Diehl, Engelstad, Eshelman, Tande, Weitzel
243 The Bethurem Family Homepage Bethurem/Bethurum/Bethuram/Bethuren, Bridgford, Wakeland
244 Bette and Bill's Homepage Calicut/Callicott/Callicoatte/Calico, Spaargaren, Armour/Armer, Farmer, Bass, Whitfield, Dodd, Green, Palethorpe, Needham, Silverthorne, Duke, Thompson, Needham, Hodel, Neuenschwander
245 Bette Butcher Topp Welcomes You Glaze, Kiddoo, Henry, Legg, Butcher/Metzger, Alkire, Hughes, Sullivan
246 Betterton Families of the World Web Site Betterton
247 Bias Surname Discussion Group Bias, Byas, Byus, Byous, Byers
248 Bill & Donna Petty's Genealogy Petty, Carroll, Heaps, Penn, Scarlett, Dillard, Webb, Thrower, Hudgins, Cansler, Sloan, Wilcoxon, Richardson, Reed/Read, Hammons, Patterson
249 Bill & Sue's Family History Houghton, Nance, Stoker/Stocker, Stockton, Ferguson, Bumpas, Winegar, Moody, Ferre/Ferry/Ferret, Hooten, Brod, Lewellen, Howell, Gay, Mickelson/Mikkelsen, Testerman
250 Bill and Margot's Place Blackwell, Hoag, La brocca, Lee, Lesso, Ludenia, Martin, Shoemaker, Stapel, Tanner

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