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This is page 20 of the "Surname Springboard." The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive listing of surname genealogy sites which have "Indexed" Family Trees on them. It is dedicated to researchers who have placed their genealogy data on-line to be viewed by other genealogists. Thanks to all who have contributed their Home Page Listings to make this site successful.
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951 Forloines/Forlines History Forloines, Forlines, Hite, McLawhorn, Furlong, Clayborne
952 Forret, Kerckhove, Dauw, Allaert, Maene, Mitton, Klijncke, Lamont, Van Eenoo
953 Forward Into the Past Cowan/Cowen, Black, Jacobs, Schroeder, Frohnhoefer, Sherlock, Clare, Raine
954 Foster Genealogy Foster, Rosebrough, Morrison, Allen, Pugh, O'Connor, Ray
955 Fox Family Tree FOX, Phillips, Lee, Hemm, Parker, Bull, Allen, Goffinet
956 Frailey, Barr and Related Families Page Frailey, Barr, Allsop, Anderson, Buzzard/Bossert, Brazle/Braswell, Holder, Lawyer, Olinger, Sarver, Tennery/Tenery, Troxell/Trachsel, Burgoon, Burrus, Askins, Barcus
957 Fran's Family Adventure Goodnow, Goodenow's, Goodnough, Albohn, Allen, Chaney, Deskin, Downing, Morse, Spear, Torrey, Townsend, Williams
958 Frances Cullom Harper's Genealogy Home Page Cullum/Cullom, Cook, Harper, Bowen, Woodward, Goulder, Worth, Jones, Carter, Johnston, Murphey, Holt, McKeithan/McKethan, Dickens/Dicken, Mitchell, Parker
959 Francess Homepage Adams, Camplin, Bentsen/Bentson/Bentszon, Manley, Carrucan, Bregazzi, Appeldorff/Appeldorph, Etches/Etchers, James, Brennan/Brennen, Whelan, Searle
960 Frank's My Mom was raised by wildcats! Homepage Lanning, Swicegood, Beard, Beck
961 Frankies Faily Search Lawton, Lowe, Kester, Stonemetz, Grover
962 Franks Family Genealogy Franks, Andrews, Heath, Ross, Holloman, Martin, Gilman, Samudio, Houston, Mahon, Gean, Wyse
963 Franks family genealogy Franks, Heath, Gilman, Houston, Mahon, Gean, Holloman, Wyse, Martin, Samudio, Andrews, Ross
964 The Fransen Frontier Fransen, Gear, Crane, Huie, Webb, Adams, Bradford, Ripley, Lewis, Wentworth, Nellis, King
965 Fraser Clan of West Hill Fraser, Crawford, Shepherd, Lindsay, Renshaw, Lynch, Green, O'Conner
966 freed`s homepage Freed, Gleason, Flynn, Bertele, MCadams, Ferguson, Shivers, Whalen, Schindler, Gorman, Barco, MCcabe
967 Freeze & Fries Family History Aten, Freeze, Chamberlin, Fries, Confer, Lormer, Curns, Whitman
968 Freibott Family Page Freibott, Hofmann, Freybott, Bauer, Limpert, Giebfried, Denner, Katzenberger, Federlein, Zwirling, Bieber, Markert, Ankenbrand, Hammelmann, Barthel, Memmel
969 Frett's Home Page Blackburn, Boblett, Burke, Christie, Clohessey/Clohossy, Dunne, Dennis, Frett, Greier, Hermes, Hommon, McMullin, Melchois, Schnitzuis, Mueller/Muller/Miller, Nittler
970 Friberg Family Page Friberg, Daygue/Daigue, Pierce, Greenwell
971 The FRISBY page: Genealogy and more! Frisby/Frisbee/Frisbie/Frisbee, Grewcock, Charters, Whetstone
972 Fritz Stauffer's Home Page Stauffer, Reed, Lutz, Hazen, Andreas, Warmkessel, Cling, Felt, Tomlinson, Sommers, Vale, Fish, Drumbauer
973 From Norway to America Descendants of Ole Evenson Kjonaas Evenson, Kjonaas, Erickson, Eide, Nordling, Olson, Heegard, Halverson, Simmons, Krueger, Lingenfelter, Gustafson, Bensch, Karpf, James, Sibilirud
974 FROM THE HEART OF OHIO Knopp/Knupp, Medis, Payne, Patterson, Roberts, Holmes, Pittman, Winters, Gaendling, Moran, McCray, Stewart, Board, Richwein/Richwine, Parasida, Lovrekovic
975 Fuchser Family Tree Fuchser, Estes
976 Fuelling Family Web Page Fuelling
977 The Fulford Saga Fulford, Pigott/Piggott/Pigot/Pickett, Chadwick, Whitehurst, Shackleford, Nelson, Willis, Davis, Bell, Styron, Lewis, Stewart
978 The Fulkersons of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Fulkerson, Moore, Taylor, Perry, Stucke, Maffett, Hauser, Clewell
979 Fulton Farm Fulton, Bigley, Hensley, Kirker, McClaren, Ramsay, Yaus
980 Furber Family Homepage Furber, Furbour
981 Furlong Families of Cumberland Co. Nova Scotia Furlong, Porter, Gilroy, Mills, Thompson, Brooks, Dow, Siddall
982 Furmaniuk Family Page Furmaniuk/Furmanick/Furmenek, Ostapczuk, Szuber, Dabek, Wesolowska, Kinach, Wojcieszczuk, Owsianska
983 Furr Family Web Page Furr, Furrer
984 Furr History Furr, Perkins, Goza, Hunter, Rushbrook, Brown, Roan/Roane, Walker, Clark, Bobbitt, Heath, Harris
985 Gaby Guri`s Genealogy Page Zlotogura, Rubin, Kowadlo, Ser, Eretz, Erdman, Wersin, Tenenbaum, Koloditzky
986 Gadsby Family Genealogy Gadsby, Brayton, Goff, Fish, Freeborn, Boomer, Nichols, Volkmann
987 GAHAN Families in Australia Gahan, Gahen, Geehan, Gehan, Kennaugh, Hains/Haines, Joy, Harvey, Doherty, Eaves, Meaney, Kelly, Gail, Norton, Boland, McCarthy
988 Gail's Genealogy Wonderland Nelson, Simpson, Thurow, Eggert, Swenson, Kelly, Tuer, Taylor
989 Gaines/Greene Family Tree Gaines, Greene
990 The Galioto - Taormina Genealogy Database Galioto, Taormina, Corso, Delisi, Divittorio, Piazza, Fiano, Vazzano, Pirotto, Tomasello, Teresi, Lascola, Scaduto, Tardo
991 The Galioto Family Web Pages Galioto, Taormina, Corso, Delisi, Quinn, Coughlin, Mulrennan, Jerg, Taylor, Rouse, Carr, Osborne, Bush, Gibson, Cline, Edwards
992 Gallagher Family Gallagher, Whiteside, Brassington, Alcock, Lee, Bickerstaff, May, Dwyer
993 Gallant Folks Dilsaver/Dillsaver, Fryman, Gallant, Hockenberry, Ehlinger, Atwood, Lambert
994 Gandy Gatheringt Genealogy Gandy, Gandee, Gande, Gander
995 Garner Family Garner, Richardson
996 Garrett Home Page Garrett, Glazbrook, Moore, Evans, Benton, Collins, Nichols
997 The Garrett Home Page Garrett, Creamer, Methvin/Methven, Hall, Jarvis, Hendrix/Hendricks, Anthony, Hawkins, Drake, Thorne, Patton, Nance, Adams
998 Garrett Surnames Garrett, Cheatham, Lawrance, Showalter, Poole, Reynolds, Brown
999 Garrick & Friebohle Family Tree Garrick, Friebohle, Hoff, O'Dell, Van Dolson/Dolson, Sitgall, Bauer, Baier, Helms, Bickman, Weizd, Gaston, Foster, Taylor, James, Alman/Hilman
1000 Gartee / Rathke / Eblen / Thornsberry / Slone Genealogy Gartee, Eblen, Howe, Rathke, Slone, Thornsberry

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